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Coordinator: bboy Thomaz z Rockafellaz Crew

„THE SOUL OF HIP-HOP" took place simultaneously in the UK (Newcastle) and Poland (Warsaw) from 1 May to 31 July 2010. This project assumptions aimed to spread the positive aspects of the Hip - Hop culture and reveals all its elements, with a focus on dance (BreakDance), music (DJing) and graphics (Streetart). In this project we wanted to show the fusing of all these elements (dance, music, streetart), forming one great cultural unity. Among the youth we wanted to spread knowledge about Hip-Hop culture that is essential condition for their future development and development of Hip-Hop culture. Another important element was the building of positive references to youth culture among those who draw unflattering opinion of the stereotypes created around it. Popularization the idea of Hip-Hop workshops through the youth participants of our project may reveal another initiators of new projects, thus the projects in this field benefit from new opportunities.

Katarzyna Skowron
Ośrodek Kultury Ochoty
ul. Grójecka 75, Warszawa
tel. +48 22 822 48 70
mail: katarzyna skowron@oko.com.pl